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Routine maintenance is often ignored to save money, however failing to have your system maintained can cost you a lot more money than you would have saved.  Routine service of your HVAC equipment is intended to reduce the likelihood of equipment failure by ensuring the performance of your system.  It's important to also remember that regular maintenance is a requirement by most manufacturers to maintain the product warranties!  Regular maintenance of your HVAC equipment is a painless and easy was to save money and have peace of mind by making sure your system is running as it should.

Should repairs be necessary, our techincations will advise you on the options and costs available to you.  There will be times when based on the extent of repairs needed; and the age of your system, replacing the system could be the best advise.  The replacement of the older system can save you money as more modern HVAC units are much more energy efficient, thus reducing fuel cost.
For those of you with older air conditioners that still use R-22 refrigerant, its very important that your aware that the EPA has been phasing out all production of that refrigerant causing the cost per pound of it to double in the last years.  This trend will continue as the EPA's plan moves into the next phase and you will see the cost increase even more!  Now is the time to consider replacing that aging unit for a newer high efficiency R-410a model, the saving in energy and refrigerant alone will add up quickly.

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