$500 OFF AC & Furnace + FREE Nest e Thermostat

Product Offering includes Air Conditioners, Furnaces, etc.

Air Conditioners

AirEase AC Heat Pump

Keeping your family cool in the hot summer is important to you and us.  We offer AirEase and Ducane products in varying packages.  We offer a standard, deluxe, and premium package to ensure you can find a solution to meet your needs. To learn more about these products, check out the links below.    




AirEase Furnace

Maintaining your family's comfort level in the cold is important.  We offer several efficiency rated gas and oil furnaces to meet whatever your situation requires.  To learn more about  the gas and oil furnaces available from AirEase and Ducane, check out the links below.  We also offer Bard oil furnaces.  






Heat Pumps

Ducane Heat Pump AC

Your comfort level is important to you and your family.  We offer AirEase and Ducane  heat pump products in a standard, deluxe, and premium package with varying efficiencies so we can find one to meet your needs.  To learn more about these products, check out the links below.  





Do you know how the use of a humidifier can help your home's health?  Does your home have static electricity, is your furniture/wood drying out, does your skin feel extra dry and is cracking, or do you or someone in your family suffer from nose bleeds?  If so, a humidifier may be able to help the overall health of your home.  Check out the link below for some of the products we can add to your system to help you.  


UV Lights

UV Light

Do you know how to help your home become a healthier environment for your family?  Do you want to add the ability to minimize viruses, molds, bacteria in your home or just reduce unwanted odors such as from cooking, cleaning chemicals, pet areas, or musty air.  There are a couple products on the market that can make your home healthier by adding to your systems.  Check out the links below to see if this is something we can help you and your family with. 




Nest Thermostat

Do you want to save money?  Do you ever leave home and forget to adjust your thermostat?  If you have a NEST thermostat, you get proven energy savings, a learning thermostat that turns down when you are away, and the ability to control from anywhere from your phone.  As an added bonus, when you purchase and have your NEST installed by an approved installer you get an extended warranty.  For more information, check out the link below. 




AC Cages

Air Conditioner Cage

Protect your investment.  We offer installation of  air conditioner cages that will provide you an extra level of protection against theft and animal destruction.  Contact us today for more information! 

Service Offering

Sales & Installation


If you are in the market for a new system you can feel comfortable reaching out to us for a FREE estimate or a second opinion.  We offer a line of dependable, energy efficient equipment in a standard, deluxe, and premium packages.   We will help you to analyze your family's comfort needs and recommend the best equipment to meet those needs.  We know that this is a major investment for you and we want you to be as comfortable with your decision as you will be with your new system.  

Service Maintenance


You can extend the life and enhance your equipment's performance with annual service maintenance.  Our years of experience have convinced us to provide all our new installation customers with 1 year of FREE annual service.  Our annual service consists of a Spring 14 point AC and a Fall 12 point furnace cleaning and check of your system.  Your annual maintenance is a key part of protecting your investment, ensuring your warranties remain intact, and avoiding unexpected repairs that impact your family's comfort.  Give us a call today and we can get you set up. 

Repair Services


If you find yourself in need of a repair, we can service most major brands.  We provide service in Louisville and the surrounding Kentucky counties.  We start billing for service when we pull in your driveway and immediately start to assess your equipment.  Our technicians evaluate your repair costs and the age of your equipment to assess whether it is advantageous for you to complete the repair or consider a new more energy efficient model.  When you call us you know you will be provided with upfront options and costs to help you determine what is best for your family.  

Dryer Vent Cleaning


Have you noticed your dryer taking longer to dry?  Have you ever had your dryer vent cleaned?  The fact is whether you diligently clean your vent trap or not, dryer vents can get clogged up and increase the risk of fires and increased use of energy.  Give us a call today for a FREE estimate to professionally clean your dryer vent and get your dryer back to operating efficiently.  

Duct Work Design


Did you know that your duct work is just as important to the heating and cooling of your home as your HVAC system?  When we put in a new HVAC system, we take into consideration your duct work to ensure both are optimized to provide your family with ultimate comfort.  If you don't think your HVAC system is working as effectively as possible, give us a call and we will give you an honest and upfront assessment.  

Indoor Air Quality Analysis


Did you know that according to the EPA, the air inside our homes in on average five times more polluted than the air outside?  This is especially troubling considering we spend 90% of our time indoors.  Check out our humidifiers and UV lights for solutions that may help your indoor air quality.  If you are interested in improving your air quality, give us a call and we can provide you with options that meet your family needs.